CBS’ pan-African news channel to commence transmission this month

Continental Broadcasting Services (CBS) have revealed plans to launch TVC News, a 24-hour news channel that will broadcast across the continent, with the station set to commence transmission this month.

According to CBS, the goal of TVC News is to broadcast African news and news from other parts of the world but with an African perspective. The management said viewers will enjoy top quality unbiased latest news and in-depth experts’ analyses.

The company’s chief executive officer Nigel Parsons noted the age-long misrepresentation of Africa-related issues in international media.

“For so long, issues concerning Africa and Africans have been overwhelmingly reported by the foreign media, which often, misrepresent the continent, [but] I believe that TVC News cutting-edge reporting and programming will fill an important void by serving as a voice for Africa and Africans on the street to be heard on the global scene, challenging stereotypes, correcting factual inaccuracies and re-shaping global perceptions about Africa,” he said.

Parsons said TVC News will be a good medium to showcase the opportunities that abound in Africa and give viewers information that is accurate and reliable.

On the issue of quality of service, Nigel said TVC News will be broadcasting with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, with which it will be connecting its vast network of bureaus across the continent and those in Europe and the United States.

In his own remarks, CBS’ Public Relations Manager Celestine Umeibe said that the company had in September 2012 commenced intensive training of more than 350 members of staff of the station. He added that the channel has already contracted some top local broadcasters in Nigeria and other African nations, who will be joined by foreign expatriates.

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