Whatson-gambia.com launched to promote Gambia’s entertainment, tourism and social sectors

Gambia’s major entertainment publication What’s On Gambia has expanded its reach into the online sphere in an effort to promote tourism on Africa’s Smiling Coast.

The Internet project is being piloted by Ebou Njie and Alieu Khan, two Gambians living in the Diaspora.

According to Khan, the website is focused on giving visitors, especially entertainment enthusiasts, the latest celebrity news, upcoming events, new videos, exclusive interviews and news about Gambia’s travel and leisure sectors.

Khan, who formerly coordinated a land Summer Jam festival featuring several notable Gambian singers such as Singateh, Mo Hawk, Graduate, Mary Ndiaye, DJ Mario and several others, said: “I remember when I invited Singateh to my island, I made a press release and on it I indicated that he’s one of The Gambia’s most successful musicians. Guess what? They started googling him.”

He decried the lack of online information on some of the nation’s popular singers. “Google Gee, Sambou Susso or Manding Morry and see if you will stumble across anything on them.”

He asked Gambians at home and abroad to visit the new website frequently and interact with it via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Let’s make the entertainment industry exciting,” he said.

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