Zimbabwe’s Aquiva Wireless seeks mediation from Potraz over dispute

Aquiva Wireless has turned to the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) for mediation in an interconnection dispute with Econet Wireless.

Aquiva Wireless said recently in a statement that it cannot guarantee calls terminating to Econet thanks to the ongoing dispute.

Aquiva Wireless said that in November last year “Econet unilaterally blocked our calling card service. The calling card is a service where anyone around the world using their mobile or fixed phone places a call to our network access number and we give them the flexibility to make calls to other networks that are connected to Aquiva locally and internationally at affordable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) rates.”

Aquiva added: “The subscriber to our service enjoys affordable calling rates that we have, since VoIP has cheaper calling rates.”

Since approaching Potraz the telecommunications company said it is “hopeful that a solution beneficial to all will be reached soon. We are certain Potraz will resolve the issue in an amicable way as their mandate is to create a level playing field in the sector.”

Aquiva Wireless said it has been “heavily prejudiced” financially by Econet Wireless’ actions and their subscribers “inconvenienced”.

“In the meantime we thank you for your patience and ask that you bear with us as we seek to resolve the matter,” Aquiva Wireless told its subscribers.

Presently, Aquiva Wireless is connected to both Econet Wireless and TelOne as well as all international networks with a new interconnection agreement being signed with Telecel, which should be active by the end of February this year.

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