al-Shabaab opens new Twitter account

The al-Qaeda linked al-Shabaab militant group have set up a new English Twitter account, two weeks after their first English account was suspended.

HumanIPO reported on January 25 that Twitter had suspended the Somali militant group’s account following tweets threatening to kill Kenyan hostages should the Kenyan government fail to meet their demands.

The account was also suspended due to the terrorist group announcing on the social media platform that it had murdered a French hostage.

Now a senior al-Shabaab official has confirmed with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the new account, which has accumulated 280 followers, is indeed genuine. The previous account reportedly had more than 2,000 followers.

According the BBC, analysts said the United States of America had called for the group to be banned from Twitter but had been unsuccessful due to a lack of the legal means to enforce its demand.

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