Free fibre infrastructure to benefit landlords in SA

Conduct Telecommunications, an open-access fibre infrastructure provider, will connect businesses to South Africa’s fibre infrastructure at no cost to landlords.

This forms part of Conduct’s plans to expand its existing network to 100 business precincts throughout South Africa. This will provide businesses with the opportunity to connect to high-speed communications networks of service providers.

“It is open access which means any service provider may make use of the fibre. This not only helps drive down prices through competition, it eliminates disruption to the premises by reducing the duplication of construction,” said Johan Pretorius, CEO of Conduct Telecommunications.

Pretorius believes landlords who take this opportunity will gain a competitive advantage.

“Broadband is an essential utility for any business premises. Once the fibre is deployed to the premises the tenants may source the best broadband services directly from any service provider, whenever they choose so. Ultimately it is this capability that adds value to the properties,” said Pretorius.

Pretorius believes that connectivity and access to fast and affordable broadband is “becoming a key requirement when choosing a business premises”.

Occupants of the premises in question will be free to select service offerings from providers that best suit them through an open-access network.

“The open-access model removes the prohibitive access build access build costs associated with providing fibre to the premises. The logical separation of infrastructure and services create capital efficiencies by effectively sharing the cost among service providers. This ultimately helps drive down the price,” explained Pretorius.

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