KRA to conduct seminars on its online platform

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) will carry out seminars on its online system in the next five months in a programme targeting small and medium taxpayers.

The seminars, conducted on the seventh and fourteenth days of each month from February, will touch on e-registration, e-filing of IT1 IT2C, P10 and VAT returns and iTax.

According to the KRA the seminars, which will be held in Nairobi, are aimed at informing taxpayers of their responsibilities in paying tax as well as showcasing the online filing and registration systems.

“The seminars are aimed at informing taxpayers about their rights and obligations and also demonstrating online registration and filing. You are encouraged to attend the technical seminar and then the KRA Online demo for better understanding,” KRA said in a statement.

The seminars will also target new taxpayers, teaching them about the various taxes applicable, including income tax and VAT.

The KRA will educate the public regarding corporation tax, individual tax, PAYE, turnover tax, advance tax, withholding tax and tax incentives as well as the due dates applicable for each type of tax.

The online filing and registration systems are expected to ensure more efficient and timely tax filing by members of the public and reduce queues in KRA offices.

The KRA has been criticised over the years due to its failure to meet targets set by the government, even with an increased expenditure and development budget.

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