Court rules CCK can disconnect Citizen TV’s illegal transmitters

The Kenyan High Court has given the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) the go-ahead to disconnect the remaining 17 transmitters it claims were installed illegally by Royal Media Services, the owner of Citizen TV, installed illegally.

This is after Royal Media Services, owned by Kenyan media mogul S.K Macharia, failed to get a restraining order against the communications regulator from taking any further action after it disconnected six transmitters last weekend.

CCK submitted warrants obtained from the magistrates court allowing it to seize the illegal transmitters.

“On January 30, 2013, the Chief Magistrate Court did grant orders of search and seizure. It is pursuant to these warrants of search and seizure that the CCK states that it proceeded to search the petitioner’s transmitter premises and seize equipment. Under the terms of the warrants issued by the court, the equipment seized is to be taken before the court,” according to court files.

The judge ordered the two parties to return to court on February 14, when the petition shall be heard to be heard by Justice E. Ogolla.

In the meantime, CCK says it will prosecute Macharia for having installed the transmitters illegally, with the seized equipment being used as exhibits.

“CCK intends to return the transmitters to the court, which issued the warrants for use in criminal action against the owner of the company,” said CCK’s lawyer Wambua Kilonzo.

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