New Nigerian search engine to be launched on Friday

Nintag, a new search engine, will be launched in Nigeria on Friday by three Nigerians living in the Diaspora, dedicated to providing local search results.

The search engine, which is already in its final Beta version and lets Nigerians perform simple-worded searches, has the capability to handle images and video related queries.

Speaking to Trends.com.ng, Nintag Justice Adeyemo Co-CEO of Nintag said: “Our goal is to become the only search engine portal utility that people can rely on for information on Nigeria. We’ve built Nintag Search engine to give honest relevant result that will search the World Wide Web giving you the user results that caters to your needs.”

To monetise the search engine, Nintag intends to provide advertisers with more targeted, personalised advertising opportunities. The founders expect that the search engine will be embraced by Nigerian companies as well as global corporations looking to have a market share in the country.

The search engine uses three methods to collect information on Nigeria, the first one being its Ninbot Web crawler. Ninbot crawls the Web every day collecting Nigeria-related data, and is more efficient with domain names ending with .ng.

The search engine also has key words deployed within itself so that if anyone makes a query on a specific item, only Nigerian content is provided in the search results.

Another method that the search engine gets its content is via URLs that individual business people can submit on the site. These URLs are first reviewed by the Webmaster to find out if they have any Nigerian or African content before it is added into the Web crawler database.

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