KNET transfers services to new satellite

Ghana’s telecommunications giant KNET has transferred its satellite services to a new high-powered digital telecommunication satellite, replacing the dying Astra 2B satellite launched in 2000 two years early.

The company says the new satellitewill help support new television and ultrafast broadband internet service across Sub-Saharan Africa.

“The new 2F satellite offers higher power, now enabling digital TV reception by every household in West/Central Africa via a 60cm dish and inexpensive DVB decoder,” the company said in a statement.

Both the television and broadband services will be available to all customers in the 16 countries where the company operates with packages available for small businesses to large corporates. The new entry-level CONNECT packages for business-grade Internet services will start at a retail pricing of just US$30 per month with download speeds of 1Mbps.

“K-NET is delighted to have successfully completed this strategic transition of our digital TV and broadband services from the Astra 2B to 2F satellites. The new 2F platform, with its 15-year design life and increased capacity and power, ensures that K-NET’s customers are guaranteed the highest levels of performance and the very best value for money for many years to come,” said K-NET CEO, Michael Darcy.

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