Twitter targets TV with Bluefin acquisition

Twitter has bought top social television (TV) analytics company Bluefin Labs in order to develop enhanced advertisements and unique consumer experiences.

“This acquisition reflects our commitment to the social TV market, and builds on our exclusive partnership with Nielsen announced in December to develop the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, the centerpiece of social TV measurement based on Nielsen’s SocialGuide platform,” a Twitter blogpost said.

Nielsen’s SocialGuide and Twitter will work together to develop products, research brands, and interact with agencies and networks for the new TV combinations.

The social media network views this step as an “exciting intersection” between Twitter and TV as it is considered as a complementing alternative to watching the telly.

While existing Bluefin contracts will not be terminated, the selling of products will not be continued by the joined company.

Bluefin, which was already working with data from social media communities, motivated their shift to “Twitter [as] the platform where the overwhelming majority ­– about 95% – of public real-time engagement with TV happens”.

Proving the relevant market possibilities, 3.9 million of the 30.6 million public tweets and Facebook comments about the American Super Bowl XLVII posted during the event were advertising related, data released by Bluefin showed on Monday, February 4.

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