Orange partners Renault for LTE research in car industry

Orange partners Renault for LTE research in car industry

Orange has partnered with car manufacturer Renault to research the opportunities presented by long term evolution (LTE) technologies in the automotive industry, with a view to developing “hyper-connected” vehicles.

The companies said the partnership aimed to create a testing opportunity for new LTE-based technologies applicable to real life, such as applications of technology including virtual offices, cloud gaming and video conferencing.

According to the partners, the vehicles of “tomorrow” will be “hyper-connected”, and will allow motorists to access their digital activities – both personal and professional – whenever they want, when driving circumstances permit, prompting the need for further in-depth research into the possibilities.

Orange is providing 4G connectivity at the Renault testing centre as part of the partnership.

“We are delighted to provide Renault with the unrivalled performance of our 4G network and thereby contribute to the development of new Web-mobility uses and services for vehicles of the future,” said Nathalie Leboucher, head of the smart cities programme at Orange.

“Connected cars with communications services make travelling more efficient, and this is a major development priority in Orange’s strategy.”

Renault has already embarked on the development of smart cars, with the Renault R-Link providing drivers with an integrated and connected touchscreen tablet, prompting the company to look forward to further research and progress in the area.

“This partnership is an example of an effective working relationship between two very different worlds. We were able to benefit ahead of time from a high-speed LTE network and from Orange’s expertise, with an opportunity to take advantage of the network for our prototype of the connected vehicle of the future,” said Remi Bastien, head of engineering innovation at Renault.

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