New satellite possibilities for Mozambique

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company Ologa has partnered with South African Internet service provider (ISP) SkyeVine to launch a new satellite connectivity service to Mozambique enterprises.

“ICT products are now becoming a necessity in Mozambique with the discovery of resources such as coal, gas, petrol, and with it, the mega companies moving into the country. This creates a demand for more professional and high value services, in which ICT falls into,” said Mulweli Rebelo, Director-General at Ologa.

Maputo-based Ologa makes use of satellite equipment specialist Newtec’s two-way satellite broadband systems to reach more areas currently not connected via the terrestrial network.

Remote terminals interact with LNB and high throughput modems between dishes, including IP traffic enhancement, acceleration, compression and encryption via an Ethernet interface to a computer or local area network (LAN) router.

Pretoria-based SkyeVine delivers broadband services with a Ku-band satellite capacity on Intelsat28 with a transmission speed of 384kbps and reception rate at 4Mbps across the African continent.

Ologa has recently received an award for innovation as the Best National Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), with specific reference to its SkyeVine packages providing the local market with solutions in innovative service delivery.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce partnered with the media group Soico, BCI (Bank), non-governmental organisation Stichting Neverlandse Vrywilligers (SNV) and accounting group Binder, Dijker & Otte (BDO) to list the 100 Best SMEs in Mozambique.

The collaboration, to which the first steps were taken towards in November 2011 when Ologa became a reseller of Skyevine, led to international recognition and national efficiency in business opportunities.

“We are very pleased to have Ologa on board as a reseller for Mozambique. The African market is growing and our objective is to serve as a trusted services and support partner for the rollout of a solution that is making a difference in the lives of people throughout the continent,” Anton Kotze, Managing Executive at SkyeVine.

SkyeVine offers countrywide Internet for the public and private sectors in rural locations at multimedia centres, government institutions, wildlife management and micro banks.

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