NATIVE appoint new Executive Creative Director

NATIVE have announced Ryan McManus as their new Executive Creative Director, saying he “brings new creative brilliance to NATIVE team”.

Dubbed a “creative wizard”, McManus joined NATIVE as an Executive Creative Director and brings international working experience.

Jason Xenopoulos, Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer of NATIVE, said: “Ryan is super-talented. He thinks differently and lives in a world where all things are possible. He is a great fit in terms of NATIVE’s culture and philosophy and we are already working on some radical ideas that will redefine the boundaries of what we do.

“Ryan has a deep understanding of brands and has worked on campaigns that touch people’s lives in a unique way. This closely aligns with our ethos of creating purpose-driven work that lives in people’s lives. We are entering an exciting new realm with Ryan.”

McManus graduated from the AAA School of Advertising with a student Loerie and then worked as a creative in South Africa, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Munich.

Among McManus’s professional achievements he said he has “made 100 people walk 340 miles to earn a ticket to the MTV Awards”, written and directed a documentary on rising sea levels in the South Pacific islands and projected graffiti all over Munich’s national monuments.

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