Ghanaian startup seeks to boost Internet access

Loggu 4G Ghana, a startup broadband company, is looking to provide broadband Internet to the city of Ho in the Volta Region, with only 10 percent of 25 million Ghanaians having Internet access.

The company claims demand for fast, reliable broadband is growing at an exponential rate, and is using Ho as a pilot before planned expansion to other cities.

Adeklo Gershon, chief operating officer, told HumanIPO the model involves providing laptops to customers, allowing them to access a mixture of Wi-Fi and outdoor broadband wireless technology without any limitations.

“This does not mean we are giving laptops to our customers forever, but rather on a rental basis  where customers come to our office and request the service,” he said. “He/she fills in an application form and after simple but thorough review of the application form we decide whether to lend a laptop with broadband to a customer or not.

“We have a system in place to be able to track these laptops in case they are stolen or even formatted.”

The company is looking to obtain at least 300 Toshiba laptops to get the business off the ground, and is currently raising funding in order to obtain these devices from a dealer.

Once the project is off the ground in Ho, Gershon plans to take the concept to the rest of Ghana.

“Our business idea and model are very compelling and therefore once we get off the ground we plan of expanding to other cities as quickly as possible. Tamale in northern Ghana and Koforidua in eastern Ghana are all part of our plan,” he said.

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