Ten tech ways to say ‘I love you’

With everyone’s favourite commercial lovefest upon us, HumanIPO asked its editorial team and technopreneurs across Africa for the best ways to tell your loved one those three important words through the world of technology.

Here are ten of our favourite suggestions:

1. Nanine Steenkamp: Tweet your sweet clues to where you should meet with Google Map links and send her Facebook gifts as a prelude to more geeky treats. Tech her out to a laser show and have her select whether she likes the Jelly Bean, Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich as a Valentines gift. As the final move, show her a YouTube link to your love declaration and leave her a self-designed game where the hero rescues the damsel in distress from a world being overtaken by killer robots.

2. Gabriella Mulligan: Give your girl a bunch of roses, hand-made via your 3D printer.

3. Richard Cutcher: For those struggling to find someone to tell those three special words, check out the Crazy Blind Date app, powered by developers OKCupid. Unlike other dating applications, it is more private and turns dating into a game. All the user gets prior to the date is a scrambled picture of their potential love interest.

4. Will you embed with me?

5. Tom Jackson: The free Valentine app for Windows Phone does the job for you with a gift section and 40 pre-designed romantic text messages. All you need to do is enter the right number.

6. Poke them on Facebook.

7. Jurgen Fleiss:

8. Brandon Gregory: If there is no one to say ‘I love you’ to then check out new South African social network No Strings Attached. A “hookup” website which went live on January 4, it is free for the first two months after registration. The site is based on the premise that people do not want relationships, but rather a ‘one night-stand’.

9. Lucile Mathe and Maud Mathe: Rather than tell a person ‘I love you’, Where is Your Valentine allows people to label a place their one true love. Developer team Maptia believe “places are like people – that their sights, and sounds, and personalities can fill our lives with joy and wonder, that we can fall heads over heels in love with a place just as deeply as with a person, and that for just a few special places we form relationships or memories that last a lifetime”.

10. Nestor Benavidez: Why not use a programming language to say ‘I love you’?:

a)  Java comment

/* I love you */  
b)  Ruby times loop

  1000000.times do
 puts “I love you”

c)  Java while loop (infinite)
  while (true)

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