Nigerian schools urged to ban students’ unsupervised access to social media

Child Affairs, an Abuja-based non-governmental organisation, has added its voice to calls to control children’s access to social media.

Francis Okpeta, Child Affairs Managing Director, urged teachers to outlaw the use of social media by their students without the direct supervision of adults.

HumanIPO reported on Tuesday the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) wanted the government to ban children from owning smartphones.

Okpeta said sexual predators, fraudsters and terrorists lurk around on various social media platforms and students can fall victim to their advances.

He said while an outright ban on students’ access to the web was unthinkable, counterproductive and illogical, owing to the unlimited benefits of the various social media networks and other websites, he said Nigerian schools should ensure they put logistics in place to restrict students’ access to educationally relevant websites only.

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