Mobile game for peace set for ahead of Kenyan polls

Digital media solutions firm Afroes is to launch its phone-based game “Haki: Chaguo Ni Lako” (Justice: The Choice is Yours) at next week’s Mobile Web East Africa (MWEA) conference, aiming to inspire peace and tolerance ahead of the Kenyan elections.

Afroes, a digital content development enterprise focused on designing and delivering mobile game apps to Kenyan youth, designed the game in partnership with the Tuvuke Initiative for Peace, a nationwide peace advocacy movement.  

“Haki: Chaguo Ni Lako” is designed to inspire users through critical information placed on a mobile phones, encouraging dialogue and contemplation on forms of leadership, the rights and responsibilities of Kenyan citizens, and access to and distribution of productive resources.

“Haki challenges the user to reflect on the choices they make and the consequences of such choices on peace in Kenya,” Afroes said.

The Nairobi launch, scheduled for February 21, will focus on ensuring that millions of young Kenyans are encouraged to make a commitment to peace and tolerance.

The game is designed for Java and Android platforms, and enables users with low-end feature phones and smartphones to access the game at no cost.

The Tuvuke Initiative for Peaceful and Fair Electoral process is a nationwide movement focused on ensuring that Kenya maintains peace, cohesiveness and tolerance during the March 4 general election.

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