Digital entertainment startup relies on Facebook for market research

Derek Ofodirinwa, Chief Executive of Maje Media Network (MJM) and founder of Majeofficial.com, has told HumanIPO his company used social media to gain better understanding of its target demography.

Nigeria based Majeofficial.com is a new home to watch African movies and TV series and Ofodirinwa explained how they created a Facebook page and uploaded images that encapsulated Maje’s brand and philosophy.

“We devised an ingenious strategy. We made a Facebook page, and posted images that suit our brand and philosophy only. No politics, no religion, no nationality, no tribe, just Maje,” Ofodirinwa told HumanIPO.

According to him, the Facebook page gave him the rare opportunity to deeply understand what the visitors were more interested in and engaged with.

“This allowed me to see what my viewers respond to the most. What images speak to them, what themes speak for them. By taking away the ‘labels’ and giving them the raw image they had to make a choice ‘do I like this, or not?’” he said.

“The response has been amazing. I’ve learned that Africa is loved far beyond its borders,” the CEO said.

He added Facebook revealed the unending African quest for individual definition, which he said has become a great burden on Africans.

“We are all hungry to define ourselves as individuals; labels have become our burden,” Ofodirinwa said.

To tackle this, he said businesses and tech startups such as Majeofficial.com should endeavor to focus on addressing the person, and not the people. This will help the brand to become well received by the target demography.

“Speak to the person not to the people. Our fans received it well,” he said.

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