US energy developer to start 400 megawatts wind project in Ethiopia

Ethiopia will get a 400MW boost to its grid once US wind energy developer American Terra Global Energy Developers launches a clean energy project in the country.

The project that is set to begin in 2014 will be based at Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, approximately 75 miles from the capital Addis Ababa.

“We are very pleased to have launched this project for the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, especially as the first US developer to enter Ethiopia’s growing wind sector,” said Dereje Abebe, CEO of Terra.

“The Debre Birhan Wind Project will create jobs, increase electrification, and help power economic growth with clean and sustainable wind energy. Ethiopia has the wind and hydro resources to become Africa’s ‘powerhouse’ for renewable energy generation and export.”

The American company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Debre Birhan University of Engineering to create a Wind Energy Centre of Excellence, which would enable students to get a hands on training in the campus.

“Terra is coordinating expert led on-line wind energy technical education and student field experience sessions during the installation and commissioning of wind resource measurement equipments,” Terra Blobal Energy explained.

Apart from the wind projects, the country is also exploring opportunities in the geothermal sector that the Development Bank of Ethiopia has promised to fund the exploration to a tune of US$20 million. The World Bank has also promised a US$200 million backing to help Ethiopia explore renewable energy in the country.

Electricity expansion has a direct effect on the tech world. In aconference held in Nairobi last week, it was revealed that people who have limited access to electricity also have limited access to ICT facilities. The experts from the Linkoping University, the University of Nairobi and a number of other institutions of higher learning blamed access to electricity as the biggest barrier to the expansion of ICT across Africa.

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