World’s first 3D printing pen launched

The world’s first 3D printing pen the 3Doodler has been launched on Kickstarter, exceeding its funding target in the first day of its listing.

The ABS plastic-filled pen allows users to draw in the air or on surfaces, creating a 3D object drawn by the user.

While creators WobbleWorks initially launched today seeking US$30,000 in investment, the 3Doodler has already experienced a surge in backing, with US$62,781 having been pledged thus far and the fund to remain open until March 25th.

The pen is plugged into a power socket and within minutes is ready to “3D draw”, which it does by exuding heated plastic as the user draws. The plastic cools quickly, leaving a physical structure behind.

The creators  of the 3Doodler have already suggested a number of entertaining uses for the pen, and have promised to make a number of “stencils” available for free download via their website. Among the stencils is an intricate outline for an Eiffel Tower.  

Other possible creations include jewellery, ornaments, decorative art and models, while the creators also note users can personalise objects such as iPhone cases, laptops, and pens.

In this vein, WobbleWorks will also be collaborating with a number of Etsy wire artists who will produce a number of 3Doodler-made sculptures, or provide templates for users to follow.

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