Telecom Namibia and NewTelco South Africa team up

Telecom Namibia and NewTelco South Africa, represented by Jasco Colocation Solutions, have partnered to improve Johannesburg and Cape Town connection with the West Africa Cable System (WACS).

Four new international Points of Presence (PoPs) in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Frankfurt and London will be connected to the undersea cable.

It will be constructed by NewTelco SA and exclusive to Telecom Namibia.

Until the PoPs are constructed and activated, Telecom Namibia will use the existing infrastructure owned by NewTelco SA.

“In order to connect to global telecommunications providers, Telecom Namibia needed space in multiple data centres as well as a company to manage and maintain services,” said Eckart Zollner, Business Development Manager for Jasco Colocation Solutions.

Zollner added: “NewTelco SA, through our ties to NewTelco GmbH, is perfectly positioned to deliver on Telecom Namibia’s requirements and fulfil this role. Not only will this assist with bringing down the cost of telecommunications, it will also provide cheaper Internet connectivity as Namibia will no longer have to route data traffic through South Africa.”

According to Jasco, direct routing allows for more cost effective interconnections, it allows operators to offer high speed connectivity at a lower price range and improves the level of service to customers.

The four PoPs’ strategic location will enable Telecom Namibia to offer its South African clients or its direct connections abroad to the existing and future undersea cable systems like ACE (African Coast to Europe), BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), EASSy (Eastern Africa Submarine Cable sysyem), SAT3 (South Atlantic 3), SEACOM and WACS.

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