Social media can reduce cost of healthcare – Dr Nkiruka Orajiaka

Nigerians have been advised to use social media to gather information on how to prevent diseases and live with certain medical conditions.

Speaking at the Eden Lifestyle Presents session at Social Media Week Lagos this morning, Dr Nkiruka Orajiaka said it is unfortunate most users of social media in Africa will listen to information on how to quick cash but ignore advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Orajiaka, Product Advisor at Hugh Alies, said in addition to social media several apps are now available for use, even in the remote areas where the residents could be assisted in staying healthy.

“Support is central to care,” she said.

One such example is My Life Care. To use the service, she advised users to open an account and check for blood pressure and sugar levels. After the tests, she said the results will be sent as text message from a registered phone.

Users will receive an auto-analysis and an auto-alert will be sent to a caregiver. Another feature of My Life Care is that it allows users to retrieve past readings on their phones.

She also mentioned several wearable devices and connections via social media which fosters support.

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