Cameroon declines proposed MTN and Orange rates

Cameroon regulator Agence de Regulation des Telecommunications (ART) has refused to accept proposed mobile tariffs pitched by operators MTN and Orange for authorisation based on dissatisfaction over suggested off-peak discounts.

This follows ART appeals to operators to decrease mobile service fees for off-peak times, with specific reference to voice calls, to make communication in the West African country more affordable.

“Orange did not take up the regulator’s recommendation for the off-peak interconnection rates to be applied on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays,” Jean-Louis Beh Mengue, Chairman at ART, said.

Orange Cameroon submitted proposals for 2013 in June last year, but received no approval for the peak hour rates of XAF32 per minute and off-peak hour rates of XAF30 per minute.

“Operators [must] reduce their rate to XAF25 per minute and a significant cut in the SMS tariff until the process of adopting an interconnection tariff calculation model is completed,” the ART responded to MTN’s identical tariff suggestions.

The ART stands firm that all Cameroon operators should enter negotiations before officially announcing fees to the public.

The fees insisted upon by the regulator is to remain a fixed ultimatum until the complete interconnection tariff calculation model is available.

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