Africa and Middle East is France Telecom-Orange’s fastest growing market

France Telecom-Orange increased its users in Africa and the Middle East by 9.4 percent in 2012, making it the operator’s fastest growing market.

The 9.4 percent rise amounts to seven million net additions, but the part French state-owned network only saw 0.4 percent growth in its mobile customer base in Europe.

The company had 81.6 million customers in Africa and the Middle East as of December 31, 2012.

Revenue growth in the Middle East and Africa was also the operator’s biggest success story, with it rising by 5.3 percent. The  company said this was helped by its particularly strong presence in the Ivory Coast and Guinea.

This is in comparison to its 0.9 percent decline in France and a 0.9 percent rise in Europe (excluding France).

Stephane Richard, France Telecom-Orange Chairman and Chief Executive, said: “During a particularly turbulent 2012, the group showed its resilience by achieving its financial targets, notably an operational cash flow of 8 billion euros.

“The Group’s customer base surpassed 230 million globally, of which over 80 million are in Africa and the Middle East, an increase of 10% on a year earlier.”

Richard pointed to an ongoing price war across the European markets as the reason for its slow performance.

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