Google supports university students in creating election-based apps

Application developers from various universities in Kenya have showcased election-related apps created in partnership with the Google Developer group.

The apps featured include “Jijulishe”, “Spotlight”, “WenyeNchi”, “Raslimali”, “Opinion Yetu” and “Tukumbuke”.

The election apps, which are showcased almost two weeks ahead of Kenya’s March 4 general elections, are hoped to provide technical solutions to governance and the electoral process challenges.

“Jijulishe”, which in Swahili means inform yourself, is meant to help in civil education and enables users to identify boundaries as well as learn about the voting process. Users are also notified about the roles of each leader from president to ward representative.

According to Mercy Orangi, one of the developers, “Jijulishe” targets users, many of whom have not read the Kenyan constitution that was enacted in 2010.

“Spotlight”, an SMS-based app, targets journalists and media organisations and will give details of areas where events are happening enabling the users to disperse their crew during the election.

“WenyeNchi”, which in Swahili means owners of the country, evaluates leaders at county level. The application further allows users to view electoral boundaries through maps as well as follow election results as they are tallied during the election day. It can be accessed through desktop PCs and smartphones.

According to developer Evelyne Mwangi, the app will be of use especially when disseminating information to the electorate on election results at ward level.

“Rasirimali”, the Swahili word for resources, is an Android app that enables users to access information on resources and amenities available throughout the county, thus is useful for investors as well as the local community.

“Tukumbuke”, the Swahili word for memories, is an Eeb and mobile application that acts as an online digital post election memoir and aims at fostering peace before and after the elections.

“Opinion Yetu”, Swahili word for our opinion, is the first online-based opinion poll in Kenya targeting all electable post from president to ward representative.

Speaking during the event, Google Africa’s manager for policy and government Ory Okolloh urged the developers to reach out to individuals in the society, and where possible to use other languages such as Kiswahili on their applications.

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