Africans in diaspora can help push for technological advancements – Professor George Ayitteh

The roles of Africans in the diaspora promoting technological advancements in various sectors of the continent’s affairs have been highlighted by Professor George Ayitteh of the Free Africa Foundation.

Speaking at the Africans In the Diaspora session via a Google Hangout hook-up at Social Media Week Lagos this afternoon, the economist said Africans in the diaspora can apply social media technology in advocating for change on the continent by stimulating constant engagement concerning African issues.

Historically, he said, Africans in the diaspora have played active roles in advocating for change.

One example was the role played by Ghanaians in the diaspora during the General Jerry Rawlings regime, another was the role by Nigerians, especially those in the United States, in opposing the General Sanni Abacha regime.

Africa’s ‘tweet queen’ and humanist Kathleen Ndongmo also described the roles played by Cameroonians in the Diaspora in the campaign for diasporan votes.

Ayitteh however noted that partnerships on the continent are required for initiatives piloted by Africans in the diaspora to be successful.

This he said is needed in order to overcome the bureaucratic bottlenecks created by embassies and ministries of foreign affairs.

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