Sony launches PS4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console will be available commercially at the end of the year, as the company fights back against industry rivals.

The company has also revealed the next-generation console will be accompanied by a wireless DualShock 4 style controller, the handset which has been the subject of leaked photographs.

The much-anticipated console – which has been the focus of numerous rumours over recent weeks – will run on a custom-made central processing unit (CPU) containing eight x86-64 cores and an advanced graphics processor.

The device will also feature an enhanced graphics processing unit, and will have 8GB of unified system memory.

A number of further PS4 innovations were revealed, such as the “shared game experiences” features, whereby users can allow friends to connect to their console mid-game. The console also allows for “spectators” to connect and watch a gamer playing – features making use of Sony’s recent acquisition of cloud-based gaming company GaiKai.

Users will also be able to stream and play games, and gamers can also play while concurrently downloading a game.

As to the controller, the handset features a touch pad on the front, a LED light bar on the top on the control for easier player identification and information access, and a built in speaker with stereo headset.

Sony added that it will partner with a number of game developers for unique and exciting PS4 content, including “Destiny”, a new title from Halo-makers Bungie which will feature exclusive content for PS4.

While no price was announced for the new console, Sony said the PS4 would be available by the holiday season, suggesting December 2013.

The PS4 faces competition from rivals. Nintendo launched its Wii U console in November, while Microsoft is expected to announce the launch of a next-generation XBox in June this year.

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