Lagos State employees could be watching pornography at work

Biyi Mabadeje, commissioner for science and technology in Lagos state, has suggested government officials are accessing restricted websites in the workplace, with moves underway to forbid private networks being used in the office.

Speaking at Social Media Week Lagos this morning, Mabadeje said it had become necessary in order for the government to ensure cybersafety at work.

Already, he said a policy has been drafted and will soon be passed into law.

With the policy, he said the government will be able to regulate and monitor the activities of its workforce which he said has been greatly hampered by workers using their own Internet access to reach restricted websites.

“On the Lagos state government network, you can’t access certain websites including those with pornography contents and sites of terrorists,” he said.

Apart from the policy, he said the government is also aggressively engaging in advocacy efforts in the promotion of cyber safety and working with relevant agencies in apprehending cyber criminals.

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