Video on demand the future of media distribution in Africa

During the ongoing Mobile Web East Africa, Buni Media CEO Marie Lora-Mungai gave a convincing case on why “on demand” services will be the face of content distribution in Africa.

According to Lora-Mungai, this has already begun and will concentrate on various mobile devices.

When Buni Media thought of how to distribute its content, it was faced with challenges, including the piracy that is currently prevalent in Africa.

According to reports, lack of proper distribution channels in various African countries have watered down the film and television space and the only country thriving on a well-structured movie distribution is Nigeria, with its Nollywood movie industry.

Some observers have argued this is because aside from Nigerians having the advantage of numbers, they appreciate their own content more than foreign content.

Lora-Mungai argued the mobile phone is one of the tools that will elevate the process of how content is consumed in Africa.

She gave an example of BuniTV, which was launched last year and has premium quality content from Africans for Africans, with content accessible through PC Internet and mobile Web.

The platform is considered a disruptive medium due to its new definition on how Africans can get content. In Africa, the continent’s distribution chain for film is from film festivals, theatre shows, pay TV, DVD release and the free-to-air channels. The idea is to provide affordable content in an easily accessible way.

This is the same content distribution that IrokoTV has rode on to become a powerhouse in the film content industry in Africa.

Lora-Mungai predicts short films will become a favourite on mobile content, new mobile gadgets will enhance the mobile experience of content consumption and there will be more customised content aimed at mobile platforms.

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