Stargazing software provides breast cancer detection solution

Breast cancer tumours are now being studied with astronomical algorithms through software originally invented to spot alien life.

The status or danger level of the tumours can be detected effectively through the images by pathologists employing the biology-adopted technology to check tissue samples.

Pathologists can use the astronomy developed computer system, previously employed to spot faint objects in the sky, and could eventually replace the microscope.

According to scientists at the University of Cambridge, the adapted science proves to be quicker without compromising on accuracy.

The successful use of software builds a unique bridge across the astronomy and biomedical fields.

Razi Ali, Lead Researcher at the United Kingdom Cambridge Institute Cancer Research, and her research team discovered the system’s success as the outcome of 2,000 tested tumour samples.

Astronomical algorithms provided a faster way compared to manual analysis in the examination of tumour samples.

The researchers now plan to expand the study on an international level in order to refine the system with a further testing of 20,000 samples.

Findings of the research, including the algorithms, have been published in the British Journal of Cancer.

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