Nigerian NGOs are not getting funds online because of credibility issues – Segun Awoyinfa

Dr Segun Awoyinfa, of 234give.com, has said the primary reason non-governmental initiatives in Nigeria are not getting vital financial support via social media is due to their inability to convince donors they are credible.

Speaking at Social Media Week Lagos, Awoyinfa said many still see NGOs asking for funds online as dubious and they do not feel safe giving to such causes.

He said his website had to convince donors they are credible and that only credible NGOs receive donated funds from 234give.com.

According to him, the website currently has more than 90 NGOs that it assists in soliciting for funds via its website.

To ensure only credible NGOs receive donations, he said the board members of 234give.com conduct thorough background checks.

In addition, he said they also protect donors by guiding them in making their donations.

“For instance, we don’t encourage people paying directly into the accounts of the parents of a sick person who is in need of funds. Instead, we advise them to foot the hospital bill instead. This way, we ensure that the funds are specifically used for the purpose for which it was given in the first place,” he said.

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