Apple filed iWatch patent

Apple filed a patent application for a wrist-held device in the United States in August 2011, seemingly confirming rumours it is working on an iWatch.

AppleInsider claims to have discovered a patent application lodged at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The application describes a flexible screen device, which can connect to a portable device via Bluetooth or WiFi. The wrist-device will also be able to perform a number of tasks on screen thanks to a virtual keyboard on the touch-screen flexible display, including text messaging, reviewing recent calls and changing music playlists.

The device would be attached to a user’s wrist – or other body-part – by a “slap wrap” style wristband – a mechanism built of flexible steel bands covered in material, which when “slapped” on to the wrist curls around the wrist into a bracelet form.

Battery life would be boosted by solar panels and attachable kinetic energy devices; and the device may be made more efficient by the installation of an AMOLED display.

All of the details contained in the application appear to corroborate various claims, reported by HumanIPO earlier this month, that such a device using flexible glass is nearing completion, and that Foxconn, Apple’s Asian manufacturing contractor is working on technologies to create efficient displays and chips to enhance battery life.

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