Telkom reveals price plan for new 20Mbps and 40Mbps speed

Telkom has revealed the price structure for their new 20Mbps and 40Mbps Internet speed which will launch on Monday, March 4.

This follows after successfully having trial period across South Africa, including areas such as Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

HumanIPO reported yesterday Bashier Sallie, Telkom’s Wholesale and Networks Managing director, believed the new speeds, which quadruples the maximum on currently offer by the company, were a “significant” milestone part state-owned Telkom.

Softcap discount bundles range from R727 to R1,899 per month with usage ranging from 30GB to 100GB. The prices for uncapped discount bundles range from R1,899 up to R5,095 per month.

Users who want to use home products that include voice minutes can expect to pay from R899 to R3679 with usage ranging from 30GB and 50GB and uncapped.

The Stand alone re-sell with DSL access only will range from R540 for 20Mbps (Elite) and R795 for 40Mbps (Elite Plus).

Users can visit the DSL checkerwww.telkom.co.za/reallyfast as of Monday, March 4, in order to verify whether they are within the footprint for the new products.

Customers wanting the new products will require a VDSL modem from Telkom Internet that is backward compatible with ADSL to ensure optimal performance, and allows for remote management from the ISP.

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