Electricity payment app Powertime unveils BlackBerry app

BlackBerry 10 owners can now use the new Powertime application to pay their electricity bills in South Africa.

The applications will be useful to customers from Eskom and in all major municipalities in South Africa to buy prepaid tokens for electricity. The app helps them to purchase the tokens through credit card, debit card or electronic fund transfer.

“We are extremely pleased to introduce this application featuring the fully-fledged existing Powertime functionalities available on the Powertime website, while also leveraging the unique capabilities of BlackBerry 10,” says Sebastien Lacour, Powertime Managing Director.

“Powertime users will recognize services such as prepaid voucher purchase, usage reports, energy saving tips, Powertime’s patented virtual meter and low electricity push notifications. The new features brought by the migration to BlackBerry 10 include a very intuitive navigation given by the touch screen interface and a full integration with BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™),” Lacour added.   

The company states that it will have further updates on the application in coming weeks. They hope to integrate the in-app purchase of electricity usage monitors, efficient lighting devices and also cloud-based analytics to track electricity use on household equipment and appliance usage.

Mobile devices are becoming more than just a communication tool in Africa. They are now used to do many things including paying bills, banking and money transfer.

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