Google+ now more social

Google has altered its Google+ social network so users can sign into apps and websites through it when browsing.

Mobile and web developers will also be able to accept Google sign-ins depending on what permissions the app allows and what the user wants to access.

“This is one of the most significant launches that has come out of the Google+ platform” David Glazer, engineering director at Google+, told CNET.

The new Google+ resembles Facebook Connect and Twitter Sign in. Although proving to be a challenge for the two social networks, more of its features are connected to Google.

This new change follows other services such as Google Drive and Google Calendar where users are granted different ways of sharing.

Previously complaints have said there is no way for third-party developers to allow users to post updates or news to Google+.

As such, in response to these complaints, Google has launched the new Google+.

Companies that have already incorporated Google+ include TheFancy.com and Flixster.com.

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