Mxit in partnership with Junk Mail

Mxit has entered into a partnership with Junk Mail classifieds which will see the latter take over and re-launch the Mxit classified platform.

According to Junk Mail managing director, Felix Erken, the number of advertisements placed on Junk Mail Xchange (JMX), the “new” Mxit classified platform powered by Junk Mail, has doubled in four months.

Erken said: “We’re getting close to 30,000 new ads a week.

“This gives the entire Junk Mail community, across all media, access to a much greater range of ads – and we now have a very strong national footprint. For the first time, buyers and sellers can find each other in Kimberley and Queenstown as easily as in Cape Town and Johannesburg.”

JMX is fully integrated with Junk Mail’s web site and mobile site, with all of the sites sharing the same database.

“No matter what medium our users prefer, they all now have equal access to South Africa’s largest classified ads database.”

The main differentiator between Mxit classified users and other classifieds platforms is their “high level of interaction and engagement”, according to Erken.

Erken added: “In November alone, three million Mxit users placed an ad or sent a message on JMX; we’re averaging 20,000 responses a day.

“We also love the volume and detail of the feedback we are getting. When we first launched JMX the feedback was honest, direct and constructive – users quickly pointed out where they were having problems, so we were able fix things just as quickly.

“We responded to every comment. Now we’re getting 40-50 messages a day, and the number of positive comments has increased tremendously.”

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