Mxit encourages app building

South African chat network Mxit has encouraged developers to build more apps for the platform as the company concentrates on stability of core development of the chat service as a key feature.

Vincent Maher, vice president of growth and product strategy, invited app developers to build more for Mxit in a guest speech at the 27dinner in Cape Town.

Maher explained the company itself is not interested in making app building its main focus as in “social networking you can’t really multitask too much, you’ve got to be serious and stay focused on what you do really well, which in our case is chat and stability”.

After the latest update release of Mxit version 6.4 for Android, the newest developments are brand incorporation focused.

“There are a lot of opportunities,” Maher stated.

HumanIPO reported last week on the release of Mxit Launch, a community content managing service running on Java-based Mxit 6.3.

Mxit’s services have elaborated over the years from solely cheap chat messaging to including browser capabilities, entertainment platform offers and has also become a monetising platform.

Maher explained Mxit deals with the monetisation challenge with the integration of Mxit Moola and selling advertising space.

Advertising revenue is divided into a 30 per cent gain for the host, Mxit, and 70 per cent goes to the app developer.

Up to 13 per cent of Mxiteers are spending users, with the Moola system being the chief financial user-based channel.

The monthly business, tech and media social networking 27dinner featured social media as its theme for the February event.

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