SA Geek Girl community expands with students

More students will be at this month’s Geek Girl Dinner in Cape Town (GGDCPT), South Africa, promising a younger crowd of attendees next Tuesday, March 26.


HumanIPO reported on the previous GGDCPT last month where Suhaifa Naidoo, chairperson at GGDCPT, emphasised the need for more involvement for young women on the tech scene.

Naidoo requested attendees to supply contacts and promote the idea among students.

Succeeding in gathering a more youthful interest, a more age-balanced crowd will assemble next week as the monthly GGDCPT will take place at the Ambassadors Hotel in Bantry Bay, Cape Town.

“We also want to encourage more students and academic organisations to send their girls to these dinners,” Naidoo told HumanIPO.

Mostly from Edgemead High School and the University of Cape Town (UCT), the GGDCPT community assisted with sponsorship to enable more of the younger generation to take part.

“It was great seeing how so many people from the GGDCPT community come together to sponsor the tickets for the students,” Naidoo commented.

Monique Vellacott, teacher at Edgemead High School, told HumanIPO: “I really think the Girl Geek Dinner is a wonderful initiative.

“I think our young girls will hopefully feel empowered to study computer science and show them what sort of careers it could open up for them.”

Vellacott added the matric learners invited to attend are “excited” and “interested” considering the possibilities a career in the information technology (IT) field can offer them.  

Following the online business women theme of February’s dinner, the March event will feature female software developers, focusing to inspire computer science students regarding the possibilities for the industry.  

As an effort to increase the female representation on the tech scene, opening the doors to students will inspire them to get involved and make informed decisions before entering the business world.

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