Blogger warned over hate speech

Kenyan blogger Dennis Itumbi has come out to fight accusations by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) over his alleged hate speech on social media.

Itumbi posted the letter he received from the commission on his Facebook account and refuted claims by the commission.

The letter dated March 12 this year, reads: “That you have been engaging in the acts that amounts to hate speech, more particularly that you have been posting threatening messages on your Face book account, which you intended to cause ethnic hatred/violence among various communities in Kenya.”

The blogger has asked the commission for a public hearing where the commission would be able to table their evidence and he would defend himself.

Just this week the commission said they were trailing four social media accounts with intent to prosecute the owners with propagating hate speech.

In an interview with Capital TV, the blogger urged the commission to stop issuing barren threats of prosecution and actually do it. He insists the commission has largely failed since its inception two years ago and they were hunting for at least one prosecution.

He also urged the users on social media not to engage in hateful speech rather than to come together for the sake of peace and prosperity.

The blogger has been accused in the past for hacking into the International Criminal Court (ICC) database and exposing the names and identities of ICC witnesses. He was also in court for exposing emails of Jetlink Airlines.

The social media scene in Kenya has witnessed a heightened trend of hate speech and inter-tribal vitriol that has put the country on a high alert, after the just concluded general elections.

The government said that they would try and work with Facebook and Twitter to get to the bottom of the menace.

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