Nashua Communications showcase their Open Unified Communications technology

Senior technologists, high profile customers and guests of Nashua Communications were demonstrated the communication capabilities and scenarios at the South African company’’s Innovation Centre in Midrand this week.

Nashua Communications demonstrated the true business value of their Open Unified Communications solutions to those present by showing real-world examples and live demonstrations of how company performance can be enhanced by harnessing the power of a standards-based Unified Communications solution.

The solutions are powered by Siemens technology.

Arnaud Spirlet, GM Cluster WEST at Siemens Enterprise Communications, opened proceedings by saying a recent global survey had helped them realise that technology itself is not the answer to daily business issues.

“Spirlet said 43 per cent of respondents felt “always or frequently” frustrated or overwhelmed with their current communications experience.

Andy Openshaw, chief executive at Nashua Communications, said: “We must do a better job as solution providers of showing customers how their business problems can be overcome.

“Teams working more effectively, being able to solve problems or make decisions more quickly because of communications technology that works, enable our customers to outpace their competitors, to set new standards of both customer service and profitability.””

The showcase is part of a worldwide tour by Enterprise Communications executives under the banner of amplifyTEAMS.

Guests present at the various events hosted by Nashua Communications  were demonstrated the technology from a simple voice call to multi-party video, document collaboration and remote control, to shave valuable time off daily business processes.

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