Mobile and social media greatly influence retail in Africa

A study by Jana Research suggests social media and the mobile phone greatly influence the retail choices of customers in Africa.

According to the research, more than 40 per cent of shoppers in Kenya and more than 50 per cent of shoppers in Ghana depend on social media to find out about products.

In Nigeria, slightly more than 20 per cent actually use the company’s website to find out about products before purchasing. The trend is similar to Kenya, Ghana and South Africa.

Jana Mobile Research discovered that majority of the respondents say they use their mobile phones to find out about products and services.

Approximately 36.6 per cent of the respondents in Kenya say they use their mobile phones “every time” when searching for product information, while 30.4 per cent say they “often” use the mobile phone.

In Ghana and Nigeria the situation is the same with the biggest percentage using the mobile phone “every time” for searching for product information before purchase.

This study reiterates the importance of social media and the mobile phone in marketing of products and brand awareness initiatives.

And to underline the power of the mobile phone,the research company, Jana, uses the device to conduct digital research for more than 102 countries.

Recently the company conducted a 4 day research for CNN to find out Africa’s thoughts on the possibility of having an African Pope, days before the new pontiff took office.

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