Google Glass Mirror API now available to developers

Google has released the developer guidelines to its Glass Mirror API in time for the first shipments of its wearable device, allowing developers to begin creating applications for the product.

According to Google senior developer advocate Timothy Jordan, the API has a few features used to manage timeline cards, subscribe to timeline notifications, share contacts and interact with menu items.

Already Google has posted a developer guide, reference documentation, UI guidelines for each function and a video manual on its developersite.

“Today we’re releasing the API documentation and a bunch of example code, so even though the API is in a limited developer preview, you can start dreaming with us,” Google developer programs engineer Jenny Murphy wrote in a Google+ post.

This comes after the company sent emails to its Glass Explorers saying the first Glass units were leaving the production line and would be ready to ship to developers who signed up.

Information on the high tech glasses, which will cost US$1,500, indicate they will have a camera capable of capturing 5 megapixel images and video at 720p resolution.

To developers Google has recommended they maintain an image and video format of 16X9 and a resolution of 640X360, with H.263 and H264 video being supported.

On the audio part the company recommends AAC and MP3 audio formats.

HumanIPO reported last week Google had formed an investment syndicate with two venture capital (VC) firms named the “Glass Collective” to provide seed funding to startups building for the Google Glass platform.

The company has partnered with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Andreessen Horowitz to create a combined fund to provide capital to developers with ideas for Glass, in exchange for a share in the recipient’s business.

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