Delayed ICASA report not aborted

The Independent Communication Association of South Africa (ICASA) still plans to publish the Mobile Quality of Service report, despite its failure to meet the deadline for March.

Speaking to HumanIPO, Paseka Maleka, spokesperson at ICASA, said: “The Mobile Quality of Service report has been finalised and will be tabled to the ICASA Council for approval, subsequent to which it will be published.”

ICASA originally issued the Mobile Quality of Service report in July 2011, indicating none of the leading South African network operators MTN, Vodacom or Cell C have met the standards for Call Set Up Success Rate (CSSR) and Dropped Call Rate (DCR).

Promising follow-up reports without result, the regulator again commited to publish an updated version in January 2013 as spurred on by criticism.  

The second report was supposed to be made available by March 2013.

According to Maleka, the tabling of the awaited report is scheduled to occur by the end of April.

The official declined to comment on reasons for the postponed publication, saying its alternative date of issue is at the mercy of council approval.

HumanIPO reported last week on Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) request for ICASA to withdraw from investigations on outstanding license fee debts.

Meanwhile South Africa’s Department of Communication has released a report on the strategy for launching broadband to yet disconnected areas in the country.

The reviewed plan was published following the withdrawal of public funds, marking failure to meet the deadline set for countrywide internet rollout.

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