Google Glass danger revealed

Hackers have the potential to be able to crack Google Glass and watch and hear everything a user is doing, according to specialist smartphone programmer.

Jay Freeman said in a blogpost that because Glass has a root capability, he was able to attach it to a desktop and run commands.

Ultimately this would allow someone to monitor the users’ activities from a smartphone.

Freeman is one of 8,000 people chosen to wear the anticipated device before a commercial launch expected later this year.

He wrote: “Once the attacker has root on your Glass, they have much more power than if they had access to your phone or even your computer: they have control over a camera and a microphone that are attached to your head.”

Freeman added: “The only thing it doesn’t know are your thoughts.”

The dangers could be huge since a hacker could watch the user type passwords, enter door codes and what they write with a pen and paper.

Google Glass does have a red light which is turned on when the camera is recording, but it is facing outwards to notify others, so the user may not notice it if it is turned on.

Freeman said a hacker could root the device within around 10 minutes, adding: “Sadly, due to the way Glass is currently designed, it is particularly susceptible to the kinds of security issues that tend to plague Android devices.”

There is currently no PIN mechanism on Glass and anyone who plugs the device into a computer with USB can access content and install their own software.

Freeman has recommended Google install more security, biometric for example, and a plastic shield which could slide over the camera.

A Google spokesperson said: “We recognise the importance of building device-specific protections, and we’re experimenting with solutions as we work to make Glass more broadly available.”

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