Spinlet lures Nigerian musicians with new revenue opportunities

Spinlet has revealed its ongoing efforts to get more Nigerian musicians to embrace the app as an avenue of reaching local and foreign consumers and earn greater revenues.

Mark Redguard, Spinlet’s chief marketing officer, told HumanIPO the company has also partnered with Etisalat to create affordable data plans for the average user.

“We are aggregating contents and building strong relationships with artistes who are at crossroads whether to give their music free or distribute them through us,” Redguard said. “At the end of the day, it’s better for them to not distribute their music free but work with an access that has thousands of subscribers.

He said the partnership with Etisalat would be a “game changer” because it would give Spinlet access to the Etisalat database.

“What we’ve done with Etisalat is to come up with a competitive data plan that now allows average user, especially the youth demography in the university to now access the app at a cheaper price than they would elsewhere,” he said.

Spinlet is preparing to exit its current beta phase and re-launch. Redguard added the company is solidifying its relationship with artists due to the enormous passion for local music in Nigeria.

“If you look at the Nigerian market, population here is consuming about 80 per cent of local music and just 20 per cent is coming from foreign music. So at the end of the day, you want your local music but you still want access to the Billboard Top Hundred.

“We are aggregating contents and building strong relationships with artistes. We’ve made a concerted effort to educate the artistes that they are valued stakeholders in passing the message out because [our platform] is transparent and they are going to get paid.”

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