Online design campaigns key to brand expansion, expert says

South African creative crowd sourcing and marketing enterprise Springleap believes technology can be best applied to the advantage of brands through online social media marketing campaigns and creative ideation.

Eran Eyal, founder of Springleap, has developed adjustable technology to launch design challenges online for the benefit of both brands and designers.

Speaking to HumanIPO, Eyal explained: “We allow you to do these social challenges. Say you are looking for a cool new logo, what you can do is I run this design challenge in a social sense, like idols for design.”

Social media marketing campaigns form an integral part of the variety of brand design services offered, including digital assets, merchandise and brand fan engagement.

“We are more interested in the social media… in how creativity forms a part of social media marketing as an asset,” Eyal said

Working through a sustainable model, the company aims to build long term relationships that will counter the exploit of design artists and promote brand value.

The design entrepreneur believes that artists’ aspiring qualities are often not able to thrive because of a lack of a supporting network.

Eyal also recognised brands’ need to acquire creative, efficient logos.

Bringing the two industries together, springleap provides a platform to meet needs of both industries with fair deals.

“I like the intersection between community, product and problem solving,” Eyal said.

Cutting the predominant low fees and supplying a gateway to showcase their work, design artists can gain clients with connection to brands.

“I got this idea that it will also be great to open up another multidisciplinary crowd sourcing platform,” Eyal related about the start of his newest brainchild.

Eyal began Springleap in 2012 after more than a decade  of experience in the mobile industry with his own Japanese tech company (2003) and award-winning, revolutionary design of the mobile phone (2001) among other achievements.

HumanIPO will publish the full interview later this week.

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