African Anonymous hits ANC site

African Anonymous hits ANC site

African hacking group African Anonymous has hacked the official website of the South African ruling party African National Congress (ANC) this morning (Friday), adding to a list of recent cyber attacks.

HumanIPO reported yesterday on the group’s hacking of news website IOL.

The first tweet reporting the ANC site hack was retweeted by the cyber group today at 10.23am (SAT), saying:

The #ANC‘s website has been hacked and taken offline at 10am today by Africa Anonymous (@zim4thewin)

— Joash Narainsamy (@JoashNarainsamy) June 14, 2013

According African Anonymous tweets, the group’s strategy is to hit the ANC site with “tsunami ddos”.

The disablement of the site was confirmed with various tweets, some thanking the anonymous hackers for their actions:

@zim4thewin Thanks for taking down the ANC’s website

— Christo_K (@Christo_K) June 14, 2013

Anonymous Africa posted a warning before launching the cyber attack, tweeting at the ANC:

@MyANC_ tick tock tick tock, your site will stop working in 40 minutes. think about all the blood on your corrupt hands when it is down

— Anonymous Africa (@zim4thewin) June 14, 2013

The attack followed after a public invitation for more hacking suggestions: “Who in Africa should we target next,” clearly stating the group is out on the prowl for more victim sites.

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