Kaspersky advises on allowing BYOD in offices

Kaspersky advises on allowing BYOD in offices

Kaspersky Lab has said organisations are struggling to cope with changes in the security landscape and policies, with the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) chief among the challenges.

Statistics from the security specialists indicate a third (31 per cent) of organisations are managing the advent of BYOD, while 11 per cent have rejected this altogether with the excuse it is likely to lead to increased internal security threats.

Employees of various organisations, according to the survey, however say they would use the devices whether their employers sanctioned them or not, with the company urged to take charge and manage their use.

“The onus is on the company to manage their use rather than behave like an ostrich and pretend it won’t happen,” reads a statement on the Kaspersky blog.

Kaspersky advises organisations that formulating regulations for use need to acknowledge the severity of threats from within as equally important as those from outside.

It added: “There should be an education or awareness programme for both users and employers alike around the risks BYOD can have and how these risks can be mitigated, so that employees’ personal devices can be used securely.”

Where such guidelines are missing the anti-malware software maker advises that employees take it upon themselves to ensure they avoid the use of USB sticks and other personal devices in work related ventures except in consultation with the information security officer.

They should also encrypt flash drives when using them and apply maximum security while using personal emails at work.
Above all, Kaspersky warns on setting up email accounts on personal devices without using specially protected clients and to ensure that all passwords are sent in encrypted form.

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