Intel Anti-Theft to expand across Africa

Intel Anti-Theft to expand across Africa

Notebook protection product Intel Anti-Theft Technology will be released in more African countries, aiming to kick off by entering Kenya’s mobile market.

Intel’s Anti-Theft Technology launched in South Africa during February 2013 through local data security solutions company zero-1.

Designed to sabotage laptop thieves’ attempts of reselling stolen notebooks, the product disables the machine’s operations through sending a “kill pill” to the stolen device, Warren Harper, director at zero-1, told HumanIPO.

Currently available for laptops, there are plans to extend the product to other devices functioning with Intel chips, such as Microsoft tablets and Intel’s smartphones.

With corporate contacts across the continent, further distribution is planned throughout Africa.

Kenya is seen as the next destination for launch because of its high mobile penetration numbers.

“Kenya has got a lot of phones out there so we are looking to go to Kenya,” Harper said.

The technology has proven to decrease laptop theft in the United States by 60 per cent.

“Laptop theft is huge at the moment,” the director said, explaining the product’s relevance.

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