Kenya’s Postal Corporation to focus on ICT in revenue boost

Kenya’s Postal Corporation to focus on ICT in revenue boost

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The Postal Corporation of Kenya has put ICT infrastructure upgrades at the centre of its 2013 to 2016 corporate strategic plan as it looks to triple its revenue.

To achieve the new targets Posta Kenya says it is aligning its operations and propping up its profit-centres in order to attain more growth by developing new products, changing its pricing and seeking other sources of income.

Enock Kinara, the postmaster general and chief executive officer (CEO), said the corporation will initiate a paradigm shift in the way it conducts its business.

This includes improving its ICT infrastructure and setting aside more funding for ICT as the organisation continues to strengthen marketing programmes and create better physical infrastructure for improved service delivery.

“We are committed to growing revenue from KSh3.5 billion (US$40 million) to KSh4.5 billion (US$51 million); from KSh4.5 billion to KSh6.5 billion (US$74 million) and from KSh6.5 billion to KSh9 billion (US$102 million) in years one, two and three respectively to hit a cumulative target of KSh20 billion (US$229 million),” said Kinara.

The corporation will also focus on rolling out its national payment switch at a cost of US$1 million that will ensure banks and other financial institutions share payment infrastructure and partner with the giant corporation that has the largest network with more than 600 offices.

Kinara said the rollout will enable e-payment and the transaction of various operations electronically including e-commerce, electronic agency banking, card-based transactions, online disbursements in agency services, mobile money transfers, as well as e-payment for utility bills.

 “This will create a shared infrastructure and with CBK’s planned National Payment System integration, we are better placed to offer the required platform,” Kinara added.

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